Other Treats

We Now Offer Mini Pies and Treats for Wedding and Dessert Buffets! 

        Sold By The Dozen, One Flavor/One Color Per Dozen

Cake Balls or Cake pops $20

Brownies (w/o nuts) $20               Macarons $25

Chocolate covered strawberries (seasonal) $24

Shooters (Available in Mocha, Banana Flip, Strawberry)  $25

Cupcakes one flavor & one color per dozen with sprinkles.

Custom cupcake with fondant toppers are additional and start at $28 per dozen, please add description note to create a cake form.

Fresh Baked Pies: $22 each

Mini Pies $3.50 each

Apple, Cherry, Fudge, Chess and Pecan

Standard Cupcakes & Cake Pops

Premium Cupcakes & Cake Pops