CraziCakes Experience on Food Network’s Show’s not just dessert anymore!

CraziCakes’s experience doing the Food Network Girl Scout Cookie Championship Show

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What an amazing experience! Is the answer I would 100% give when asked what it was like to be on a Food Network competition show. Why is that my response? Because it was an opportunity that encompassed every emotion. I was so honored to be asked to participate and humbled to be competing with so much talent in our industry. Did I mention, star-struck, getting to meet the judges, Allison Hannegan, and talented Chef’s Nacho Aguirre and Katie Lee?

The overall experience was exciting and nerve-racking because I was trying to make something outside my wheelhouse, “cookie pops” in an unfamiliar kitchen and while trying to beat the clock. Well, that was fast!

When preparing, I was so scared to be on camera in front of the world. Wondering, “what people would think?” or in true female fashion, “how would I look?” – where my concerns before starting the show. However, that’s one reason why I wanted to do it, to overcome those fears. And I did!

The entire Food Network family was SO amazing. From start to finish every single person was kind, helpful, hospitable, and encouraging. They were all so great that it completely overshadowed my sadness of losing, ha ha ha.

Thank you Food Network for inviting me to be a part of this amazing show – Girl Scout Cookie Championship