Consultation for Custom Cakes

Custom 3D Sculpted Cake Agreement Terms:

 After we mutually agree on a design and pick your flavors the order can be finalized. At this point, we will sign an agreement and return to us with a 50% retainer to reserve your date. Please try to allow a minimum of four weeks for 3D custom cakes and large cake orders.   

  • 50% retainer is non refundable.  
  • Payment of entire balance must be made 2 week prior to event date to allow ample time to process said payment before date of the event. 
  • Delivery fee is equal to $2.00 per mile, $20.00 minimum. 
  • CraziCakes is not responsible for delivery of cake if payment terms are not met. 
  • For your convenience we do accept Debit Cards. Additional processing fees charged by other 3rd parties such as Square &/or Paypal will be added when the payment when processed. 


Should you feel a consultation is needed we do our best to accommodate. The consultation is $25.00 for 2 guests and is payable when scheduled and credited to the price of your cake once booked. We spend 30-45 minutes planning the design of your sweet centerpiece while you and 1 guest enjoy 5-6 of our most popular cake flavors, 5 fillings and 2 buttercream flavors. 

Pricing Guidelines: 

Prices may vary for several reasons. For instance: multiple cake flavors, additional filling flavors, embellishments, sculpting and degree of artistic difficulty are all things to be considered. Once we discuss design ideas and number of servings we can offer options and will provide a quote.

  • Sculpted cake base price begins at $4.00 per serving. Type of decorations, flowers, embellishments all factor into the final price per serving.
  • 3D Custom Sculpted cakes average $6.00 per serving and vary in number of servings due to artistic design. Please allow one week for specialty cake orders. 
  • See our Flavors & Fillings page for a menu. 
  • See our Other Treats page if interested in adding dessert table items.